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2010's Hottest Spanish Footballers

With World Cup 2010 firing up the soccer fever, temperatures are rising in Spain as fans get geared up for the nation-wide football craze. 2010 has been a smashing year for sports fans in Spain so far, especially so in Spanish football, as the national team nabs one championship after another.
The stakes are high – the Spanish national soccer team are favored by many to win this year’s World Cup. We might be slightly biased here, but it’s definitely been Spain’s year in football, so let’s hope they’ll bring home their first World Cup trophy this year!
I shamelessly admit I’m not a football fan, but who can shy away from images of these hot, hunky and talented football players? Let’s not forget they’re doing the country proud by showing off their hot bodies….erhem, I meant skilful moves! Without further ado, it’s time to present WhyGoSpain‘s very own concocted list of 2010’s hottest Spanish footballers.
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Iker Casillas

Tall, lean and brooding eyes – it’s easy to see why he’s top on the list. Often spotted with a scruffy unshaven look, he’s the kinda boy a girl wants to bring home to her mother and then ravage in the privacy of her own room. (oops alittle too explicit there!) Voted by many as the world’s best goalkeeper, Iker Casillas definitely doesn’t let his good looks at in the way of his career. He’s the proud winner of FIFA’s Goalkeeper of the Year award in both 2008 and 2009.
Casillas is the vice-captain of the Real Madrid team.
Photo Credit: Casillas

Fernando Torres

Boy, what youth good looks this striker has! Nicknamed ‘el niño’, the kid, Fernando Torres has a royal following, especially amongst young love-sick teenagers. Who could blame them? Even I’m slightly smitten with his innocent freckled look and that spunky blond hair. The young striker has caught the attention of fans since he kicked ass in the under-19 championships, so expect to see him strut his stuff during this World Cup!
Besides playing in the Spanish national team, Fernando Torres usually plays for Liverpool club.
Photo credit: Fernando

Raúl González

Black hair, dark eyes and a typically Hispanic look, Raul has got to by my personal favorite. He’s been playing for Spain since 1995 and is Real Madrid Club’s all-time top scorer! Don’t let the charming looks fool you, Raul’s a sweet and decent guy who steers clear of the usual celeb flanderings and partying. To prove the point, he celebrates each goal by kissing his wedding ring. Awww…isn’t that sweet? While he’s no longer in his teens, like they say, men just get more and more charming with age.
He’s the captain of Real Madrid team.
Photo credit: Raul

Sergio Ramos

With his silky long hair, Sergio Ramos is a crowd-puller, especially with that sturdy six-packs and a sizzling hot body! The Real Madrid defender is also known as ‘el lobo’, the wolf, hmmm… looks like he’s quite the domineering stud. I’ll let the picture of him do the talking.
He also plays for the Real Madrid team.

Miguel Torres

Thick tender lips, black hair and an earnest look, how can girls not fall for a guy like Miguel Torres? Look at him in that immaculate linen suit, need I say more? Unlike the other players, he has a lower profile since he doesn’t play for the Spanish national team. But in the looks department, he’s definitely topping the charts!
He plays for the Getafe FC.
Photo credit: Miguel

Aitor Ocio

He’s the classic Mr Hot Bod, with tanned skin and toned bodyline. Measuring over 1,87m, the hunk is blessed with some heart-stopping abs that make me weak in the knees. I’d give him a a 9 over 10 for the hot factor. Hailing from Vitoria, Northern Spain, Aitor is a defender in Atletico Bilbao.
Photo credit: Aitor

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