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A Sneak Peek of the Valencia Blog Trip

beach, benidorm

Four-wheel driving through rugged terrain, kayaking to deserted islands and checking in to a wellness clinic – bet you wouldn’t associate these activities to the notorious tourist-flooded beachtown of Benidorm. To the surprise of many including myself, those were exactly what I did during my recent blogtrip to the region of Valencia.

Courtesy of Land of Valencia, the Valencia Region Tourist Board, our five-day blogtrip packed in the best of the region and best of all, showed us a slightly unconventional side of the area  – one that breaks your usual stereotype of the Spanish Costa Blanca.

A Brief Look at Our Itinerary

Kicking off our trip from the quiet beach town of Albir, we checked in at the sultry SHA Wellness Clinic – a simplistic yet seductive property that emphasizes on healthy living and macrobiotic gastronomy. We then wandered through the old town of Benidorm, stealing peeks of the glittery coastline atop our open-roofed 4WD, organized by Marco Polo expeditions.
From there, we traversed the coastline to Playa de la Olla, where we conquered the waves on our sea-kayaks, hiked up a small deserted island and tried surfboard paddling (an actual challenge!). Of course a trip to this part of Spain is incomplete without the ubiquitous paella and seafood – our gastronomic travels would take us from the traditional seafront restaurant Casa Mena to the one-star Michelin rated fine-dining option : Arrop.  The trip ended with a bang in Valencia, where we witnessed the Europe F1 Gran Prix live in action, just in action – a grand opportunity for any sport lover.
Over the next few days, I will be bringing you on my journey through the region of Valencia, with details of quirky activities and hotels in the area. Check back to read more about it!
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Disclaimer: This trip to Valencia was sponsored by Land of Valencia, but the opinions expressed are my own.