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Budget Airlines that Fly to Madrid

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is the main gateway to the country, providing easy access to the rest of Spain. With a huge network of budget airlines connecting it to the rest of Europe, Madrid makes an excellent base to explore the country as well as the neighboring countries.
As compared to the other Spanish cities, Madrid is the cheapest place to fly to, due to the extensive network of airlines that serve its international airport. If you’re looking for a cheap way to travel to other cities in Spain, then your best bet would be to find a budget airline that flies to Madrid and then catch a bus or train to your destination.
For cheap airfares to Madrid, you should first check out budget airlines. Although these low-cost airlines tend to have stricter check-in rules, their airfares tend to be much cheaper than those of standard airlines.

Budget Airlines that Fly to Madrid

  • Aerlingus: Irish budget airline flies to Ireland and several cities in the UK.
  • Brussels Airlines: Flies to numerous destinations including Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Slovenia.
  • Cimber: Flies to several cities in Denmark.
  • EasyJet: Flies all over Europe including Morocco and Eastern Europe.
  • GermanWings: Flies to several cities in Germany as well as Croatia and Austria.
  • Ryanair: Flies all over Europe including Morocco and Eastern Europe.
  • TUIFly: Flies to several German cities.
  • Vueling: Spanish budget airline that connects to most cities in Spain.
  • WizzAir: Polish airline flies to Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Tips to Finding Cheap Airfares

  1. Airfares to Madrid tend to be more expensive than those to other major European cities like London and Paris.  In order to get a good deal, your best bet is to fly to these major capitals and then book a budget flight to Madrid.
  2. For cheap airfare to Spain, do your research early and try to book your tickets for mid-week. Weekends are the most expensive period to travel, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays.
  3. Avoid traveling in summer, when airfares are the most expensive. Plan your trip for fall or spring; most airlines have promotions during these periods of the year.
  4. Budget airlines might not provide top-notch services, but they definitely help cut down your travel expenses. Check out our list of budget airlines that fly to Spain.

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