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Cheap Flights to the Canary Islands

canary islands, beachFor decades, the Canary Islands have been one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe, for both summer getaways and winter breaks. With year-round excellent weather and stunning beaches, it’s no wonder tourists from all over the continent flock to its shores year after year. As you can imagine, with demand comes supply. These days, it is actually cheaper to fly to the Canary Islands from the UK or Germany, to flying domestically within the country.
Airfares to the Canary Islands are very affordable thanks to the fierce competition between budget airline companies. Airports on the Canary Islands are also connected to all corners of Europe efficiently, so there’s no need to worry about not finding cheap flights to your desired destination.

Airports on the Canary Islands

Each island has its own international airport – making transportation to your holiday getaways easy and fast. The Canary Islands are usually a short two-hour flight from Madrid, and three-hour flight from Germany or UK, depending on which island you are flying to. When booked in advance, you can get airfares as low as 20euros each way.
The six airports on the Canary Islands are:

  • Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport – Main gateway to the Canary Islands
  • La Palma Airport – Quiet airport with mostly cargo flights
  • Tenerife South Airport – modern international airport with competitive airfares
  • Tenerife North Airport – 35km from Puerto de la Cruz
  • Fuerteventura Airport – close to every part of the island
  • Lanzarote Airport – 5km from Arrecife, the capital of the island

Main Gateway: Las Palmas Airport, Gran Canaria

Located on the biggest islands in the Canary, Gran Canaria, Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport is the main entry point to the islets. Just 18km (11 miles) south of Las Palmas, the airport is easily accessible from major tourists bases on Gran Canaria – Playa de Ingles, Maspaloma and Puerto Rico. The best way to get there is by renting a car, there are several car rental companies in the airport.

Tips to Finding Cheap Airfares

  1. Airfares to the Canary Islands are cheap if you are flying from popular European cities. If you are based  in a smaller town or flying from the U.S., your best bet would be to depart from a major city such as Berlin, London or Manchester.
  2. For cheap airfare to Spain, do your research early and try to book your tickets for mid-week. Weekends are the most expensive period to travel, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays.
  3. Avoid traveling in summer, when airfares are the most expensive. Plan your trip for fall or spring; most airlines have promotions during these periods of the year.
  4. Budget airlines might not provide top-notch services, but they definitely help cut down your travel expenses. Check out our list of budget airlines that fly to Spain.

Arrived on the Canary Islands? Find out more about the Canary islands and information on getting to the Canary Islands.

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