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Day Trips from Costa del Sol

day-trips-from-costa-del-solMost travelers proceed to Costa del Sol with a single thing in mind: the beach. However if boredom hits you or if you’re just tired waiting for your lady friend to finish her sun bathing experience, you should plan something different. Why not explore some of the other places close to Costa del Sol? But remember that Costa del Sol is weakly served by public transportation, therefore if you are going to rent a car, the following trips could be your perfect bet.

Whole Day Trip from Costa del Sol to Ronda

The notable municipality of Ronda, constructed above the gorge of El Tajo, is one of the attractions of Andalusia and is just an easy reach from the city of Costa del Sol. It is hard to go to this place via the public transportation so a planned tour could be an excellent idea.

Whole Day Trip to Seville

Take a whole day excursion in Seville, the capital city of Andalusian region. You can choose a guided tour in the city that includes admission to the renowned church. You should leave early in the morning in order to be able to enjoy as much of the city as possible. Needless to say, ideally you should plan to stay in Seville for a little more than one day.

The Alhambra and Granada Trip from Costa del Sol

For a lot of individuals, the Alhambra Moorish fortress is one main attraction not only in Andalusia but in the entire country . The tour should start in the morning in order to fully experience the beauty of the gardens and palace of Alhambra prior to giving a bit free time to discover the place on your own.

Morning Sightseeing Trip from Costa del Sol to Mijas

This can be a short, nice ( trip to the stunning overpowered municipality of Mijas. A bit touristy but if you think you are not able to acquire such experience to see a time-honored Spanish community in the future, don’t fail to grab this chance.

Whole Day Sightseeing Trip to Gibraltar

Compared to other destinations in Spain, Gibraltar possesses a bit of peculiarity. It is a British community in Spain and serves as a home to many undomesticated monkeys of Europe (which will gladly take whatever you have in your pockets!).

Day Trip to Cordoba from Costa del Sol

If you want to have a glimpse at one of the most beautiful mosques in the continent of Europe, then there’s no reason for you not to go to Cordoba.

Day Trip to Nerja and Frigiliana from Costa del Sol

Witness two stunning Spanish communities at an excellent price. Also, if you’re interested to see the caves of Nerja, you can incorporate it in your day trip from Costa del Sol.