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Day Trips from Seville

There are several interesting day trips you can take from Seville. The entire southern edge of Spain is easily reached from Seville, but with a lot of attractive places to check out, going back to Seville every evening will become a chore more than something fun. An alternative is to plan a circuit and go from place to place.


This is a beautiful old town that feels like it belongs to another “story”. The biggest attraction here is the Mezquita Mosque. The unpredictable cityscape displays an entire world of astounding and striking history. Individuals of different traditions and religions (Christian, Jewish and Muslims) contributed to this exceptional place. A small number of significant artists, philosophers and scientists surface from this place.
Cordoba is located 45 minutes from Seville, by AVE train. There are also regular buses from every city in Adalucia.


Located in the region of Aljarafe, about 7 kilometers away from Seville, Santiponce is home to some of the most well preserved Roman ruins you can find outside of Italy. There are many things you can see here, including: the Roman amphitheater, baths and mosaics.


If you need a break from the tiring and busy Seville, Ronda is the perfect place to escape for several hours. Just pay attention that during summer those spending the vacation on Costa del Sol might have the exact same idea: to visit Ronda. So you’ll probably end up in a middle of a tourist packed city.
Ronda is mostly famous for Puente Nuevo, the impressive bridge over the gorge. Don’t miss strolling in the La Ciudad, the oldest district of the town. Here you will find the church of Santa Maria la Mayor and the Palacio de Mondragon.
Ronda is located about 120 kilometers away from Seville and you can easily get here by rental car.


A stunning town on the south shoreline, Cadiz offers history, beaches, fine weather and excellent fish dishes. This is a remarkable metropolis that has once served as a home to real explorers such as Ferdinand Magellan and Amerigo Vespucci.
Cadiz is located quite close to Seville. If you decide to rent a car and drive here, you’ll be on the road for about 1h 30 min. Trains and buses take about 2 hours.