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Google Street View Spain is Up and Running

There’s nothing quite like being in a new place in person, wandering the streets and taking in the views in all directions through your own eyes. But if you can’t be there yourself, the next best thing is to let the cameras of Google Street View be your eyes on the ground – and now, you can enjoy the 360-degree images of Google Street View in Spain!

As Google continues to expand its reach and slowly take over the world, it’s now offering its popular Street View pictures in a few cities in Spain. You can check out Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia so far – and no doubt more cities will be added in the future. But even with limited cities on the list at the moment, you can still…

Check in the continuing construction on Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia:

See the cool architecture of Valencia’s City of Arts & Sciences:

Get a peek at Seville’s gorgeous (and massive) cathedral from a side-street:

And find out that there’s some work going on around Madrid’s Puerta del Sol:

In addition to using Google Street View in Spain for getting acquainted with the famous sights of a city you’re planning to visit, or even for reminiscing about a trip you just took, you can use the feature for super-practical things like checking out the neighborhood around the cheap hotels in Barcelona that you’re contemplating booking a room in. When they say they’re in a “hip area,” does that mean it’s on a charming street lined with shops and cafes, or does it mean that there’s a popular nightclub downstairs that’ll keep you up all night with its thumping beats? It’s good to know in advance.

So, happy hunting on Google Street View, and try not to spend all day playing with it. It’s really hard not to, though. Trust me.