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July in Costa del Sol – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

july-in-costa-del-solWith a lot of tourists and locals flocking here every summer, Costa del Sol caters very well for the tourism and serves as a home to great choices of hotels, hostels and recreational places.

July Event in Costa del Sol

La Virgen del Carmen
This event is celebrated in mid July. On the day of the feast, locals from the villages and towns situated along the Costa del Sol come together to give respect to this religious festivity, which is centered around Marbella’s Puerto Banus region, only a short distance from the area of Torremolinos. Highlights of the event include divers collecting religious effigies in underwater caves, numerous festivities and late at night fireworks.

July Weather in Costa del Sol

Summer is at all times a demanding time in the resorts of Costa del Sol and the superb weather of the area as well as its hot weather is ideal for people who adore the sun, with invigorating breezes from the sea. The sandy beaches provide never-ending sunbathing and the warm, calm water are perfect for swimming and a variety of water.
Avg. high 84°F/29°C
Avg. low 68°F/20°C
Avg. precipitation .16 inches/.4 cm
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Getting Here

Since its summer in July in Costa del Sol, crowds are anticipated to gather everywhere. Tourists coming from different parts of the world make sure that they’ll able to spend their summer holiday in Sunny Coast and for that airlines and airports are busy during these months. So for you to be sure that you’ll also make it for the summer in Costa del Sol, book for your flight to Spain in advance, shop around and look in the Internet for possible ways that can also make your trip cheaper.

Where to Stay

There are many huge and high rise hotels in the area of Torremolinos that are intended to suit every need and budget. Most of the finest hotels in Costa del Sol are located near the beaches, featuring excellent spectacles of the coastline. If you are searching for cheap accommodation, you can find them in Calle del Peligro St. The area contains inexpensive hostels and guest houses near the beach of El Bajondillo.