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June in Costa del Sol – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

june-in-costa-del-solCosta del Sol is one of the most famous tourist destinations not just in Spain but also in the entire Europe. Many come to this wonderful place to celebrate the warmth of the sun and the sparkle of the beach. Costa del Sol has a lot to offer in terms of beach. After all, it will not be called as Sunny Coast for nothing. So start to pack your things for the Costa’s summer and be ready to bump with locals and visitors like you.

June Events in Costa del Sol

Fried Fish Day or Dia del Pescaito
Celebrated in early June, the Fried Fish Day is a summer seafood event in Torremolinos, about 16 kilometers/10 miles away from Malaga. This event is able to attract both tourists and locals, along with the variety of activities taking place on the beach of Playa de La Carihuela.
Feast of St. John or Fiesta de San Juan
Taking place in mid-June, this festival is a great religious event all throughout the Malaga area, with large bonfires where individuals leap over the fire, street entertainment and swimming in the beach at midnight, with the same activities occurring throughout Spain.
The Movies of Summer in your Neighborhood
The Nights of the Movies takes place in late June. It includes a lot of screenings of newly released films of summer at various cinemas and the same venues within the area of Malaga.
San Bernabe Fiesta and Summer Fair
The fair is held in mid-June (about a week nearest to June 11) in close by Marbella, roughly 36 miles/58 kilometers west of Malaga, commemorating the patron saint of Marbella. This is a seven-day festivity featuring cart and horse rides, bullfights in center, food and all sorts of drinks plus a fair ground, with numerous events taking place in Alameda Park and the Plaza San Bernabe square, the old Town district of Marbella.
Corpus Christi
This is a Catholic celebration honoring the presence of the Christ’s body in holy water. The festivity takes place in June, starting on Thursday after the Trinity Sunday. This is a magnificent and solemn procession carrying the holy host around the streets.

June Weather in Costa del Sol

Summer in Marbella, Costa del Sol is certainly the time for the beach, with swimming and sunbathing being famous activities of the day. The June sunny weather is normally followed by temperate nights and jackets are seldom necessary during this time.
Avg. high 80°F/27°C
Avg. low 63°F/17°C
Avg. precipitation .67 inches/1.7 cm
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Getting Here

There are two major airports that service Costa de Sol: Malaga and Seville. Mostly, all of these offer regular affordable flights to Spain. Most of the budget, charter and scheduled airlines provide flights to Costa del Sol. Some of the airlines include: British Airways, Easyjet, Flybe, Iberia, My Travel, Ran Air and Thomsonfly. The airport of Malaga is the busiest and is located near numerous famous holiday resorts. So if you are excited to go in Costa in June prepared early, book for you flight in advance.

Where to Stay

Majority visitors who prefer to visit Costa del Sol choose to stay at hotels near the seafront. Therefore, if you one of them it would be wiser to plan for your trip earlier. The best hotel accommodation packages are normally available in advance. Another good way to save money is to choose a hostel .