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Madrid airport transportation

From Madrid Barajas Airport, the best way to get to a hotel is your hotel’s shuttle bus, assuming you’ve already booked a hotel and they have a shuttle bus. You may have to call once you’re at the airport and request the shuttle. The numbers of most nearby hotels are available at the airport. To make a call on a payphone in Madrid, you have to pay a few euro cents.
Airport buses
If your hotel/hostel has no shuttle, the best way is to use the metro or bus out of the airport. A single metro ticket costs €1. A single bus ticket also costs €1.
Madrilenos are very friendly and helpful to those who are lost. It helps if you speak a little bit of Spanish, but if you don’t, try to find a metro map or bus route map so that the person you ask can mark down the directions.
Taxis are waiting outside of the airport but can cost €16 to even the closest hotels. Walking with luggage is difficult because there are many highways around the airport that you have to cross to reach any area with hotels.

Recommended hotel with a free shuttle

One great hotel with a free shuttle service is the Suites Kris Aeropuerto. To make a reservation, call 902 309 406. Once you arrive at the airport, you can use a payphone to call for a shuttle to the hotel. You can get rooms for around €25 a person.
The hotel is clean and safe. There are no kitchens but a living room, bedroom, bathroom, closet space, and free internet access, and the hotel looks way more expensive than 25 euros a night.
The only problem is that the hotel is far away from metro stops. Getting to any metro stops with luggage is impossible without a car or bus.. To get to the nearest metro stop, you have to take a bus (€1 for a single ride).
If it snows and you happen to be traveling somewhere with luggage, you have to use the hotel shuttle bus, but even then getting anywhere from the hotel will probably take more than an hour.
But if it doesn´t snow or your don´t have anywhere to go in a hurry, Suites Kris Aeropuerto is a perfect place to rest after a long day of traveling.