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Spain News: 07.31.08

Here are some Spain items in the news lately:

  • No sooner do I say that it’s already been a good year to be a sports fan in Spain than there’s another Spanish sporting victory – Carlos Sastre has won this year’s Tour de France. What’s more, Spain’s hoping this recent string of victories will translate into Olympic gold.
  • Madrid‘s annual Veranos de la Villa festival is on now, and runs through August 24th.
  • Granada’s Alhambra Castle makes this list of some of the world’s most stunning castles, and with good reason.
  • Want to enjoy a spa without breaking a sweat? (Not counting the sauna, of course!) The Sha Wellness Clinic outside Altea on the Costa Blanca focuses on macrobiotic diets, and is one of the spas listed here for places to “tone without tears.”
  • This article about some of the “best places you’ve never heard of” features a city in Spain – Algamitas, the highlight of which is apparently a farmhouse with apartments to let.
  • I’m not sure which part of this story is more surprising – that Chuck Berry has pulled out of two sold-out shows in Spain without any explanation, or that Chuck Berry is selling out shows in Spain.
  • The separatist group ETA detonated a small bomb near the town of Orio in the Basque region on Monday. No one was injured.
  • Another small bomb exploded in Spain, but this time on a beach in the south in the town of Torremolinos. Again, there were no injuries reported.