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Spain Travel News 01/30/2011

  • Turrón de Crisis

    “La Crisis” cut so deep this year in Spain that my friends will first have to gather their lottery winnings before they can mail my year-end turrón supply. That said, I am not terribly worried about suffering a turrón-free 2011 because the chances of my nougat suppliers winning at least a little something in the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad, to be drawn in Madrid tomorrow, is around 15 percent. In lottery terms, if you buy a billete it’s a cakewalk to win a piece of El Gordo, the big one: 0.0012 percent (one in 83,333).

  • Bilingual Social Networking

    As Facebook slowly catches on here in Spain, I’ve been faced with a dilemma: my Spanish friends want to be friends with me on Facebook, but they don’t understand anything I post. And I understand them perfectly. I have some friends that post things in Polish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Greek, and it is a little annoying to be excluded from their communication by my ignorance.

  • Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem become proud parents

    SPAIN’S hottest couple are now the proud parents of a baby boy.

    Actress Penelope Cruz, 36, gave birth to her first son last weekend in the exclusive Cedars-Sinai Medical Cente in Los Angeles.
    And new dad Javier Bardem, 41, – who was nominated this week for a second Oscar for his role in Biutiful – was present at the birth.

  • Developing Friendships in Spain

    This article was submitted by Deborah Coates, reiki healer,life coach and author of 'The Five Star Hippy',a funny satorical look at the 20th Century woman. In her book Deborah touches on the subject of friendship in the chapter called 'rainbow friends'.


    Janet Mendel's recipe of Galician Soup with Beans and Greens.
    Caldo Gallego

  • Learning Spanish in Spain

    Is one of your 2011 resolutions learning Spanish in Spain? If this is your case, Valencia has to offer you an international study experience in a highly cultural and mediterranean atmosphere.

    Take a look at our new section where you’ll find a list of recommended language schools in Valencia to enjoy your next Spanish learning experiencie!

  • Zapatero calls for Socialists to put Spain before the party

    At the end of Socialist Party convention in Zaragoza held this weekend, the Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, made a call in his closing speech, for the part to concentrate on the future of Spain, and not of the party.

  • Valencia: Dia del Comunidad de Valencia

    On the dia del Comunidad de Valencia, thousands of people gather in the historic square of Valencia while music is played, flags were waved, and protesters yell.

  • A BRIT IN SPAIN: No smoking laws

    The affects of the new smoking laws in Spain are very noticable, bars and restaurants have all created outside areas of tables and chairs for people who wish to partake in the "habit".

  • Hola Valencia’s Top Five: Plazas

    The one thing Valencia has more of than church bells? Plazas! Every corner of the city is the Plaza de Somethingorother. Here are our favorite five, in no particular order: