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Spain Travel News 02/10/2011

  • How to Get Working Papers in Spain

    I need a visa, green card, working papers or residency to live here legally. Many fellow Americans and Canadians have asked me how I got my papeles, or working papers, and my answer to them is always, ‘not easily’.

    Here are some things to remember if you are going to start the process of getting legal in Spain.

  • I eat badly, but last night I braised: red wine and coriander seed pork stew. « como*solo

    I´ve had some fantastic afelias and stifados before but this is not one of them. Don´t get me wrong, it´s a nice  stew, and one you can easily throw together with a cheap cut of pork and store cupboard ingredients. It definitely deserves to be a week night staple. Just don’t make it and think that you’ve mastered an afelia.
    I got the recipe from this month´s Jamie magazine. Do you know the Jamie magazine? Well I personally am not a Jamie-ite. I own none of his books and find his cheeky chappy persona a wee bit grating. But his magazine? Love it. The photography, the features, the cute pull-out recipe card thingy. The next time you´re in the UK, get yourself a copy.

  • Senate passes Spain’s amended anti-download law

    The Spanish Senate has this Wednesday approved the anti-download law, the so-called Ley Sinde named for the Minister for Culture, Ángeles González Sinde.

  • Andalucia’s natural parks under threat

    ENVIRONMENTALISTS are up in arms over a new law that could allow golf courses and other urban developments in protected natural spaces.
    Both Greenpeace and Ecologistas en Accion fear that projects, like the controversial El Algarrobico hotel, could be legalized by the back-door with the new law.
    The Junta decree, which both groups have been battling for two years, gives more leeway to approve projects inside a total of 24 natural p

  • Cadiz Carnival fascinating facts

    Carnival is the biggest event in Cadiz's calendar, and the most important of its type on mainland Spain, just as the Feria is for Seville. People flood in from all over Spain, and beyond, to enjoy the noisy, colourful, festive atmosphere, singing competitions, concerts (rock, flamenco, samba), comedy, children's shows, parades, firework displays and street parties. Carnaval is also celebrated in towns and cities around Andalucia.

  • Eat, Sleep, Drink, See: Sevilla

    A 48-hour Budget Guide to Seville, Spain

  • Catalan Customs: Giving a Proper Toast

    As you raise your glasses in Barcelona or the Costa Brava, don't be surprised when you hear, "menja bé, caga fort i no tinguis por a la mort!" Translated into English as, "eat well, poop strongly and do not be afraid of death." But perhaps, somethings just don't translate!

  • Home delivery services in Barcelona

    Jennifer can bake a whole range of delicious treats including  brownies, cookies & mufins. Everything is homemade and produced in single batches in her own kitchen. She buys high quality dark chocolate bars and cuts up the chips herself. Delivers in Barcelona. Example prices:  a frozen pie crust costs 3 euros, a dozen medium sized chocolate chip cookies costs 7 euros and a basket of baked goods could range from 15~30 euros.


    Recently National Geographic, one of the largest and most renowned educational institutions and nonprofit scientific world, has named Edurne Pasaban the Adventurer of the Year 2010.

    The award, a prestigious and recognized worldwide, is decided by the National Geographic website. Edurne was nominated along with nine other prominent people in climbing, navigation, exploration, etc. More than 9000 people around the world continue to Edurne on your facebook page. They have been instrumental in the election, as acknowledged by the mountaineer.

  • Valentines Day in Barcelona

    Valentines Day is approaching, are you thinking about a romantic date in Barcelona, especially on Valentines Day with your loved one? SuiteLife presents you with a perfect Valentines Day plan for what to do in Barcelona for a romantic night.