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Spain Travel News 03/20/2011

  • The Schnitzel Shack of Rincon (via Darmstadt)

    One of the first things Jürgen did when we got to Savannah was type “German Restaurant” into Google. The nearest authentic place we could find bore the tongue-twisty name of Schnitzel Shack, and was a half-hour away in a town called Rincon (rhymes with Lincoln).

    So far away, we eventually forgot about it. But on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, I came home to find Jürgen dressed in his lederhosen, playing the accordion and wailing “Deustchland, deutschland über alles” with tears rolling down his cheeks. The homesickness was terminal. Nurse! I’m going to need an injection of sauerkraut STAT! Let’s roll, destination: Schnitzel Schnack!

  • Bioparc Valencia is on celebration

    This weekend BIOPARC Valencia wants to celebrate with you Father’s Day and the birthday of two friendly giraffes. On 19 March, it will be one year from the day of birth of the first baringo giraffe in BIPOPARC Valencia and on Sunday, Bulería, our newcomer giraffe will be two years old.

    For further information about Bioparc visit their official site on

  • Six killed in helicopter crash in Teruel

    Six people have been killed in Teruel when a helicopter belonging to the Aragonés regional government crashed when taking part in fire-fighting duty.

    The ‘copter was on its way to put out a fire in the area of Villel, having departed from the base at Alcorisa, Teruel. It came down between the localities of Villastar and Cubia at around 1,30pm on Saturday.

    It’s the most serious air accident in the Aragón region. There was one survivor from the forestry fire crew who is now in the Obispo Polanco Hospital in Teruel with head injuries and said to be out of danger.

  • Spanish Recipe: Cream of Spinach soup

    Here's the recipe which is a mixture of stuff I've seen online and a bit of my own inspiration (I measured out amounts pretty much guessing as I went along, but if you taste as I go I think it's quite hard to go wrong with this one).

  • Why A Scoopmeter 2? Craving Calamari In Madrid Restaurants

    Calamari sandwiches (bocata de calamares) are a speciality in many Madrid restaurants.  Nothing fancy here. Why does the Scoopmeter give them a 2?  Rings of calamari (octopus) are batter fried.  They are  then jumbled onto a long,  tough, white bread bun for a total of 9,876 calories.  That is why The Scoopometer gives them a 2.  Some people love them.

  • Malaga’s new Thyssen Bornemisza art gallery opening

    IT has taken two years and cost more that 11 million euros to rebuild the sixteenth century Villalon Palace.
    Now, the most exciting new art museum to open in Spain for a decade is ready to throw open its doors.
    The brand new Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is set to open in the impressive palace in Malaga on March 24.
    The Andalucian arm of the main Madrid museum, it will showcase 230 works from the Spanish baroness Carmen Thyssen’s own private collection.

  • Sunset Sailing in Valencia

    As a birthday surprise, we went on a sunset cruise on a catamaran. I read about it in a brochure I got from the Valencia Tourist office, though neither the brochure nor the internet had many details about it.
    So, a week early I walked by the Veles e Vents building located at the America’s Cup port from where the cruise leaves. I was afraid it is going to be super touristy when I read that the ship could fit a maximum of 100 people, but as soon as I saw the catamaran my doubts were quelled.
    We were lucky to be the only 4 people on the ship. How awesome. The crew said that there are usually no more than 15 people during the sunset cruises.

  • Jerez MotoGP

    This ever-popular Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix at Jerez takes place in April or May In 2011 the fixture takes place on 1-3 April – normally it's in March – so the first weekend of April will see the usual massive influx of moto fans from all over Spain to the famous race circuit.

    It's just one of many major sporting events held in Andalucia every year – including golf, tennis and cycling.

  • Mums in Business in Spain

    Many mums choose to work part-time after having children but anything but full-time employment is difficult to come by in Spain. Many women then opt to start their own businesses, so they can not only be in control of their hours but hopefully also their destiny! Below are some enterprising mums who have chosen to go it alone. Please do let us know if we haven´t mentioned your business. We try our hardest to support our Mums in Business and you can too by looking at the list below and if you need a product or service listed then get in contact with that mum!

  • Tibidabo Barcelona – Home to Tibidabo Amusement Park, The Temple de Sagrat Cor and some of the finest views of Barcelona!

    Located at the top of Collserola mountain, Tibidabo Barcelona is home to the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the magical “Temple de Sagrat Cor”.  Dating back to 1900, work began on the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the “Blue Tram” and “Funicular Railway”.