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Spain Travel News 06/29/2010

  • Spain introduces new airport security measuresMillions of British holidaymakers heading to Spain this summer are being told they could face long airport delays with the introduction of new security measures.
  • Spain’s 15 Top Values for Travelers on a BudgetFodor’s Travel Guide has come up with a useful list of 15 top values for budget travelers. Among which includes using discount tickets on the Spanish Rail, catching free flamenco shows and visiting museums on the free admission days. For those new to Spain, this makes an excellent piece for your next trip!
  • Arrested for driving with the sister in law on the roof of the carAnother bizarre Spain news: A 63 year old woman has been arrested for traveling five kilometers with her 55 year old sister-in-law on the roof of her car!
  • Bizarre Festivals in Spain – Spanish Festivals – Weird Festivals in SpainSpain is famous for its bizarre and wacky festivals held all over various parts of the country. From running before a herd of angry bulls to the biggest food fight in the world (La Tomatina), you’re sure to get a kick out of these crazily intriguing festivals.
  • Bizarre winged creature found in Spain!Two local guys from Girona (a town near Campdevanol) Spain, have captured some footage of a strange ‘creature’ in the woods. They also found blood and some detached white wings (3m). They have been investigating paranormal activity in the area for quite a few months now and believe they have really discovered a non-human life-form. The footage is unbelievable. Check it out.
  • Feast: Offal Encounters in SpainPeter Frick-Wright shares with us an amusing and interesting tale of wolfing down bizarre eats in Spain – from pig ears to organs and tripes. Take your pick!
  • 12 killed as train hits festival-goers in Spain – TelegraphOver the weekend, twelve people were killed when a high-speed train ploughed into a group crossing the tracks on their way to a beach party in northeastern Spain. It is said to be one of the biggest train accident in Spanish history.
  • Spain vs. Portugal World Cup MatchSpain’s third game will be played today 29 June at 8.30pm CET. Up against strong competitors Portugal this time round, the match promises to be packed with adrenaline and action.
  • Subway strike causes commuter chaos in Madrid – CNN.comChaos reigned in Madrid Tuesday 29 June as a strike shut down the Spanish capital’s metro system, forcing roughly 2.5 million riders to fill buses and taxis, reported CNN’s sister network CNN Plus.
  • Photo Gallery of recent BlogTripF1 in ValenciaIf you’re been following us on our journey through the region of Valencia, courtesy of the Valencia Region Tourism Board, you’ll know that we had a ball exploring Costa Blanca. This link will bring you to the Flickr photo pool of the blog trip´s attendees, be sure to check them out!
  • Pueblo Inglés: Possibly The Best Volunteer Experience In SpainLisa Llubin shares with her enthralling experience of volunteering as an English teacher in Pueblo Inglés, and tells us why it’s got to be the best volunteer experience in Spain, ever!
  • Spanish Word of the Day: JoderOur language folks over at shares with us amusing and useful ways of constructing a sentence with the word ´joder´!
  • Staying in Cala’n Bosch in MenorcaKaren Bryan, editor and founder of, tells us her experience staying at a beautiful property on the Spanish island of Menorca.
  • A Taste Of SpainUnique gourmet tasting sessions, tapas tours and cooking classes are organized by ‘A Taste of Spain’. Whether you are a culinary novice or a gastronomy expert, you’ll find something to suit your needs here. Buen Provecho!
  • Religious pilgrimage of Santa Maria de RibartemeThe Festival de Santa Maria de Ribarteme is a bizarre religious festival that takes places in a small northwestern Spanish town of Las Nieves involves carrying coffins into the church for a mass.