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Spain Travel News 10/21/2010

  • Ferran Adriá´s Watermelon and Basil Gazpacho « como*solo

    A food-lover living in Madrid shares with us a recipe for Ferran Adriá's Watermelon and Basil Gazpacho.

  • A load of bullocks | A Year in the Mierda

    A hilarious anecdote on experiencing a Capea, an amateur bullfighting event in North of Madrid.

  • Hidden Madrid – Calling all Goya fans

    This write-up shows us a hidden side of Madrid, a chapel where Goya is buried in Madrid; Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida, near Metro Moncloa. Not only is the great maestro buried there, but he is responsible for the wonderfully vibrant and dynamic frescoes adorning the ceiling. Entry is free and it's pretty much free of crowds.

  • Gaudi’s Corbelling Cake

    Every artist has to start somewhere. Perhaps as a design experiment, Antoni Gaudi, stirred in all his ingredients for the Casa Vicens house, many of which appear in moderation in his later works.  On the façade of the famous architect’s first completed building (1888), he combined rough stone, iron, dark red bricks,  flowered ceramic tiles, culminating into a dizzying, corbelling cake. 

  • Barcelona Camp Nou Football Stadium

    A trip to Barcelona wouldn’t have been complete in my mind without seeing Camp Nou, home to Barcelona F.C.: arguably one of the best teams in the sport, in the world. We toured the stadium, locker rooms and multimedia-infused museum for hours, in awe of the history of this team. Rows upon rows of trophies over the years line the sides of the museum, giant touch-screens offering history and information create a high-tech visual aspect that remind you that this is one of the richest sports franchises in the world.

  • A View of Madrid: Far from the Maddening Crowds

    A foreigner living in Madrid shares with us her favorite green spaces in Madrid – from Parque Berlin to Casa del Campo.

  • Visiting Estepona

    If you have never visited Estepona, you may not have considered spending a day there. However, if you staying in the area and fancy a little shopping and lunch but can’t quite gear yourself up to travelling to La Cañada, Marbella, Estepona has a lot on offer. There are lots of lovely cafes in plazas, clothes shops and lots of lovely shoe shops. If you set out in the morning you could start off with churros and coffee on the main street or rather ‘Calle Real’ which runs parallel to the promenade.

  • Tourism News: Malaga Growth

    By August, the city had already seen the same number of tourists visiting than in the whole of 2008. Alongside Barcelona, Malaga has seen a growth of nearly 15 per cent in tourists staying a night in the city.

  • Spain News – Smoke Ban in Public Places

    It's expected the ban on smoking in all closed places will come into effect on January 2 2011. The Health Commission in Congress on Wednesday voted to approve the new tougher anti-smoking legislation which is expected to be enforced from January 2 2011. Following the Commission approval, the legislation goes straight to the Senate.

  • Seeing European Culture Through a Stranger’s Eyes

    El Centro del Carmen Valencia offers an exhibition that involves eight European countries, which aims to foster intercultural dialogue and promote integration through a photographic investigation on the subject of The family and food in Europe.

  • Planning a Tapas Party

    Award-winning Spain cookbook author Janet Mendel gives us suggestions on what to include in a tapas party: from platos frios to montaditos to pintxos!

  • Antequera fascinating facts

    Antequera is a medieval town in the hills to the north of Malaga, overlooked by a Moorish fortress or Alcazaba. It is located in a fertile river valley, with olive groves and fields of sunflowers, and has great climbing and walking attractions nearby. The town also has one of the richest archaeological legacies in Andalucia, with Bronze Age and Roman ruins ranking among the most important in Spain, and there's also El Torcal park and the flamingo-filled Pink Lagoon, making it heaven for both history and nature lovers.