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Spain Travel News 10/27/2010


    In December, 1910 Henri Matisse (1869-1954) visited the Alhambra Palace (Granada) for his first time, after passing through Madrid, Cordoba, Toledo and Barcelona, he was impressed with the Moorish Palace (“Alhambra Palace is a wonder” said Matisse to her wife in a letter), the decor and lighting sets of la Alhambra fascinated the artist, a great admirer of Arab culture and in fact, during his trip to Spain, he painted three pictures and collected a large amount of Manila shawls and curtains from the Alpujarras.

  • Fun Fact about Spain

    An analysis of "why does every home in spain have a bidet, but nobody uses them?"

  • Spanish Recipes: Eating Good Feeling Good

    And here is the Roundup for the first EGFG Event. Let's use Olive oil in our diet!!!!

  • MumAbroad Spain: Halloween at Tivoli World

    Halloween at Tivoli World
    Saturdays and Sundays. On Sundays arrive to the park between 11:00am and 1:00pm and get a 50% discount off your entrance ticket. Also, starting at 11:00am on Sundays: Bric a Brac Garden Market.

    Get ready to watch special Halloween shows, dance in the Thriller mini disco, and enjoy a fun family day out. Tivoli World passes out Dracula lollies for anyone dressed up in a costume.

  • Forn da pa

    When in Barcelona one will find that ecologically produced bread and pastries are not common, nor is the art of artisanal baking from wholesome and unrefined ingredients. Thanks to three-year-old bakery BarcelonaReykjavik, whose original location in the city center has recently added a sister store in the heart of the commercial district of popular barrio Grácia, the city now has an alternative.

  • Jamon in Spain

    An entire book could be written about the subject of jamon. Jamon is a widely popular Spanish cured ham. Actually, widely popular is an understatement. It is a daily ritual for many in Spain. The whole pig's leg is cured by a layer of sea salt and hanged in a factory with windows open to catch the mountain breeze for one to four years. When jamon is served at room temperature and thinly-sliced, it nearly melts in your mouth. 

  • Christmas Turron

    Christmas is already beginning its run, with tables of delicious 'turrones' in the supermarkets. The basic 'turrón', a sticky nougat from Alicante, has now morphed into a hundred different bars of nut, cream, marzipan, dried fruit, chocolate, cherries glacé, rice-paper and booze which are meant to last, presumably, until nearer the end of December to be consumed along with the frightful 'polverones', dusty sweets of flour, anís and sugar, which make up the first onslaught of Christmas glee.

  • A View of Madrid: A Day with a Knight

    An anecdote of a day in Alcala de Henares, a town some thirty kilometres east of Madrid. One of the oldest towns in Spain it dates from well before the Roman Conquest and in its heyday was a far larger town than Madrid. Less than a forty five minutes train journey from the capital, Alcalá would not take kindly to being described as a Madrid Suburb, although it falls within the greater Madrid Communidad.

  • TSMS Lakonia, fire on the Greek-owned cruise ship

    In the early 1960s, over a hundred cruise ship passengers died when their vessel caught fire in the Atlantic. On the forum, several people intimately connected with the tragedy, from those who recovered the bodies, to survivors and relatives of victims, have been brought together, to share painful memories of the disaster, and to help each other to finally come to terms with their terrible losses nearly 40 years later

  • Algeciras: The Red-Headed Stepchild of Spain?

    Algeciras, Spain located in the south of the south—Andalucia. Though the port is undeniably an eye-sore, Algeciras as a place that is more than what meets the eye, and worth stopping through for a blend of African and European cultures.

  • Valencia’s Top Five: Restaurants

    Here's a list of Top Five Restaurants in Valencia, as compiled by Hola Valencia. They range from traditional foods to sushi, budget to high-end.

  • A Barcelona Christmas

    Fancy wandering Barcelona’s Christmas markets? If you’re a camping and budget traveler, at Keycamp, you could stay 30 minutes from Barcelona city centre. The company features mobile home holidays at its Vilanova Park location

  • Spain’s World Cup winning side leads the Ballon d’Or

    With a total of seven players nominated, Spain is leading the running for the prestigious Ballon d’Or. FIFA yesterday released the 23-man shortlist for the best football player in the world which includes a staggering seven players from Spain’s winning World Cup side.