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Spain Travel News 11/08/2010

  • Lolina Cafe

    Everyone should have a place they can go to to sink into a comfy armchair, read the Sunday newspapers and drink coffee. Preferably it should be someplace you can go in your tracksuit bottoms and “Franky Says Relax” t-shirt. When I’m in London, it’s my Mum’s couch, but in Madrid it’s Lolina Cafe. Vintage furniture, not too many hipsters, great “tostas”. What more could you ask for?

  • Hola Valencia’s Top Five: Things to Do

    Here were the top five things to do in Valencia city… the activities and excursions that we would recommend to everyone who visits Valencia.

  • Skiing in Andalucia: Sierra Nevada sky station

    The Sierra Nevada ski resort is located at Pradollano in the Sierra Nevada mountains. You can learn more about this general area by reading about the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. And you can find out all about this year's events by checking in with our Sierra Nevada Events Calendar!

  • Getting A Haircut Abroad: A Dreaded Necessity

    For anyone who has traveled extensively, there are some things that you need to tend to that you cannot wait until you’re in the familiar comforts of your homeland to take care of. For me, one of these necessities would be getting a haircut.

  • A View of Madrid: Smoke and Morirse

    Richard Morley from 'A View of Madrid' talks about why he loves his neighborhood in Madrid.

  • Spanish Recipes: Art Sandwich!

    Spanish Recipes share some ideas on making art sandwiches. Each sandwich could have the "stamp" of what it has inside! Great for an informal party.

  • Organically Original

    Perhaps one of Barcelona’s most creative, authentic, and sustainably-minded chefs, Santi, delights citizens and tourists alike with his daily vegetarian and organic specials. Centered in the heart of Barcelona’s El Raval neighborhood and located a mere stone’s throw away from the famous Mercat de la Boquería, Organic, the restaurant—and more appropriately, the kitchen—over which chef Santi presides bustles with vibrant energy, mastered flow, and fragrant aromas spilling forth from the open kitchen.

  • Dining at El Bulli

    "Be careful, it's delicate." "Smell the sachet first, and in two courses you will eat what is inside." "Two bites only."

    A few of the instructions we were given while eating our 39 course meal at EL BULLI! I still have a huge smile on my face as I type it.

  • Day Trips for Kids in Catalunya

    Aside from the boasting some of Spain´s most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava and the popular ski slopes of the Pyrenees, there are plenty of daytrip choices from Catalunya.


    Mediterranean Diet: one of the most interesting facts about this diet is that the incidence of heart disease and cancer in the Mediterranean is lower than in the USA. In fact, people bound to Mediterranean Diet have a 70% more of expectancy of life and a 80% of better quality life (supposing they don’t smoke too).