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Spain Travel News 11/30/2010

  • Briton found dead in Puerto Banus on Costa del Sol

    A BRITISH man has been found dead in the waters of Puerto Banus.
    The man was found floating, fully clothed, in the early morning of Thursday, November 25.
    Police are currently suspecting no foul play but are awaiting results of autopsy to continue with the investigation.

  • Aire de Seville, Arabic Bathhouse Seduction

    The Aire de Seville describes itself as an Arabic Bathhouse, built on the site of an ancient Hammam and Roman ruins to boot. The inner courtyard resonates with Santa Cruz style: a central fountain sloshes over midnight-blue tiles, while visitors sip tea between potted plants and hanging lanterns.

  • Pizza Al Taglio, Madrid

    Pizza al taglio (Calle Barco 45) is a tiny hole in the wall place,  and is probably more a foccacceria than a pizzeria. They’ll cut you a slice as big or small as you like and their crisp yet chewy thin crust bases are topped with all manner of things.

  • Hola Valencia’s Top Five: Festivals

    Here are the five festivals we loved the most during our time in this party-loving city!

  • The joys of Spanglish

    Unless you’re fluent in Spanish when you come here to Andalucia – whether to live, or to have a holiday or extended stay (to write that novel, for example) – speaking the lingo is one of the biggest challenges, but also one of the most essential skills for starting a new life, making friends, and getting things done, whether it be shopping, tax returns, or registering with a local doctor.

  • Living with Children in Spain

    An Interview with a local mum from Cadiz, Blythe Bassart

  • Gibraltar’s Mascot: The Barbary Macaques

    christine|in|spain spent a couple of hours up in “Gib” last weekend taking a few shots of the Barbary Apes. They’re hilarious to watch interact with each other, and it’s a lot of fun being able to walk around with them with no fences separating you.

  • A View of Madrid

    I think it is time to book my room at the tanatorio across the road. The Tanatorio, for those of you who don’t know, is where they take the dead people en route to the grave. A grey, forbidding place, it is where relatives and friends to come and pay their last respects. When I eventually go there I want all my friends to come and shout at me, poke me, sing to me and make sure I am really dead before they do with me whatever they will. It’s just a precaution.

    My local Tanatorio is about three hundred metres away from my apartment as the spirit flies and as I often walk past it I can say that I have already made my final journey many times.

  • Sangria, sol y siesta

    Last summer I read an article on the internet about tourists and nationalities that made me laugh for a while, the author is a Spanish writer called Arturo Perez-Reverte and the title is "Hola Manolo, mucho barato" (Hello Manolo, much cheaper), since I had still kept it, I post it here in order for you to have a good time too, reading it during the weekend and forgetting about the cold winter which is coming close to us (weather forecast for Spain tells about having snow, rain and much, much cold). And remember:  humor is good for our health.

  • Mexican food in Barcelona

    f you want to go to a very charming Barcelona Mexican restaurant, you’d not miss Rosa Negra’s delicious Mexican food in Barcelona.
    I know that it is a very important thing to try every special Spanish/Catalán food and Tapas while you are in Barcelona, but if you want something different, you should try one of the best places for Mexican food in Barcelona.