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Study Abroad in Spain

Eastbourne Summer CampFor many travelers, going on a study abroad program is the first step towards discovering the world and unleashing the wanderlust in you. Choosing to study abroad in Spain is a dream-come-true for many: studying arts or history in a country that invented culture, learning in a completely new environment and making international friends who share a similar passion.
Emerging #3 on the list of most popular study abroad countries for many years, Spain has undoubtedly won the hearts of many students. Thanks to its rich history, world-famous architecture and plethora of language-learning opportunities, Spain remains one of the most popular places to visit and live.
There are lots of options for a study abroad program in Spain, from a full academic year to a summer program to an a shorter language-intensive program. If you’re lucky enough that your school has an Spain student exchange program already set up, then it’s easy to go through your school and register for a study abroad program. If your school doesn’t have a program in-house, there are lots of other ways to study abroad in Spain.
Here are some of the resources and factors to consider when planning to study abroad in Spain:

  • “To Go or not to Go?” Why Everyone Can and Should Study Abroad – Still hesitant about going on the study abroad program? Or perhaps you need good reasons to convince your parents? Here are some excellent reasons why everyone can and should study abroad.
  • How to Pick a Study Abroad Program – Now that you’ve made up your mind, it’s time to make the decision. If you’re still not sure about where to study abroad or which program to pick, then this article will be an excellent guide. If you’ve already set your mind on studying abroad in Spain, work your way to end of the piece and you’ll have a clearer idea on where in Spain to study.
  • Study Abroad Programs in Spain – Every big city in Spain has a study abroad program (or several), but there are programs in cities and towns of varying sizes all over the country. Choosing where you want to go is an important component of choosing which programs you apply to – you might be a city person for whom a year or even a few months in a tiny town with no train service would be a nightmare, for instance. SpainExchange is a website that provides excellent information for studying in Spain, including a list of study abroad programs.
  • Student ID Card – Along with your student ID card from your home university, it’s a good idea to buy a student travel ISE card before you go abroad – whether it’s for a study abroad program or just as a young traveler. If you’re under 26, having an ISE card can get you student discounts on all kinds of things when you travel – and it’s good all over the world.