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Things to Do in Costa del Sol

things-to-do-in-costa-del-solThere are a lot of things to do in Costa del Sol regardless of your reasons to visit the area.
Countless restaurants and bars pack the Costa del Sol’s resorts together with all sorts of other sights that include stunning beaches, water parks, golf courses, local markets, amusement parks, cultural festivities and almost every imaginable water sport.


The hundred and sixty plus-kilometer seaboard are largely beaches and a lot of its hotels are within or near the beach area, thus the beach is the center of everything. Most beaches are carefully managed, cleaned regularly and normally kept spotless, with police patrols, lifeguards, showers, beach bars and all facilities. These are beaches that will give you the comfort that you can find in your own home. Of course, there are some hidden gems for those who prefer to escape the tourist crowds.

Theme Parks

Costa del Sol is also filled with various theme parks. Some of them include::

  • Aqua Park Torremolinos. This is situated 50 kilometers away from Marbella. It comprises over 70,000 sq. meters. Rides in Aqua Park Torremolinos include the spine-tingling kamikaze twister and some near vertical slide, along with a little tots area, Jacuzzi and waves swimming baths.
  • Mijas Park. This is one of the major water parks in Costa del Sol and is situated beside the main highway to Fuengirola. The park is open every day, from 10am to 6pm.
  • Tivoli World Theme Park. This is a theme park with numerous rides, an outside theater with live comedy, music and dance. It also features the Wild West Town and the Andalusian square with flamenco dancing.
  • Banalmadena Marina. The park has more than 30 sea species displays that include octopi, eels, reef life and sharks. It also house bars, restaurants, shops, sea life center and certainly the gorgeous yachts secured all throughout the marina.


Among all other kinds of animals, horses have served a vital part in the lives of those in rural communities for so many years. The most well-bred equine population of the world owes its popularity to the horses of Andalusia, together with the Arab and of course the Thoroughbred. There are many locations to hire horses. Small stables, hotels, riding schools and farms provide a broad variety of horses varying from completely local horses of Andalusia to dazzling white stallions with dropping manes.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

The Gibraltar Bay and Straits have a huge population of Dolphins and Whales. This is possibly the best location in Europe for intense whale and dolphin watching. It is deemed that the whales gathering in this part are the biggest and in fact they truly are, in most situations growing up to 120 feet and weigh up to 190 tons.


The majority of the municipalities and villages of Costa del Sol serve as homes to authentic fortunes which a traveler often innocently ignores. These fortunes include archaeological remains, carvings, jewels, paintings and sculptures, all stands as witnesses to the astonishing artistic heritage of the region. They can be found in cathedrals, churches, convents, monasteries, museums and town halls.