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Why You Should Add Barcelona to Your Round The World Trip

Barcelona has been a hotspot for travelers for many years now, particularly after it received the worldwide spotlight in hosting the 1992 Olympics. Since then, Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. For Europeans, it’s easy to get there and back with the proximity to so many other countries, efficiency of trains, and cheap prices from budget airlines.
But what if you are planning a round the world trip? Should you add Barcelona to a round the world itinerary? There are both pros and cons to adding a city like this to your trip. If you are from Europe, it might not make much sense as it’s easy to get to Barcelona any other time, and most RTW travelers have a pretty tight budget, so spending time in an expensive western European city might not be the best idea.
If you are not from Europe, though, you may think about adding Barcelona despite the high costs and number of tourists who visit. There are plenty of ways to get a true indie travel experience in Barcelona, you just have to try a little harder. Sometimes travelers get the most authentic experience by simply wandering around a new city and taking in the different neighborhoods, cafes, restaurants, and bars. There aren’t many better cities to wander than Barcelona, with the amazing architecture, friendly locals, small, windy streets, and fantastic tapas bars and restaurants. Getting lost in Barcelona doesn’t cost a dime, so you may want to think twice about nixing it from your round the world itinerary.