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Flights from Madrid to Marrakech (and return)

madrid-airportIf you plan to get from Spain to Morocco and you are on a hurry then taking the plane between the two capitals is a good option. The flight time is 3 hours and there are four carriers serving this route.

Madrid Airport

Madrid Barajas International Airport (airport code: MAD) is Spain’s busiest airports, handling flights from all over the world. The airport is located at 13 km from the city center and there are buses, trains, metro and taxis available to get the passengers to the center. In case you forgot to pack something, you can check out the shops within the airport. And make sure to get some money from the ATMs (enough to last until you get to the center).
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Marrakech Airport

Marrakech Menara Airport (airport code: RAK) is located at just 6 km from the city center. Buses and taxis can get be used to get from the airport to the hotel. If something has been seized at the airport before you departed, there are shops within the airport to replace the missing items. And you can withdraw money from the ATMs, as well.

How many direct flights per day are available between Madrid and Marrakech?

Air Europa offers 4 flights per week (Wed, Thu, Sat & Sun), while EasyJet, Iberia and Royal Air Maroc offer daily flights between the two cities.

How about the direct flights from Marrakech to Madrid?

Air Europa offers 2 flights per week (Thu & Sun), while EasyJet, Iberia and Royal Air Maroc offer daily flights.

Prices – tips on how to get a cheaper ticket

As you know, the prices depend on the airline, class, when you travel and when you book the flight. Generally speaking, the sooner you book the flight, the better although in some cases you can benefit from the last minute offers (but it’s not the wisest way to plan a vacation like this).
Try to fly mid-week. The prices are higher over the weekend (although exceptions exist). So it’s best to choose to depart on Wednesday or Tuesday. If you don’t mind traveling at weird hours (late at night or very early in the morning) you can find cheaper tickets than if traveling by day.
For example, if you book a RT ticket from Madrid to Marrakech a month in advance, the cheapest options are if you choose EasyJet or Air Europa. If you fly on a Thursday, a RT adult ticket from EasyJet starts at €168.97 (all taxes included). While for the same departure dates the prices start at €134.79 for a RT adult ticket (all taxes included) if you choose to fly with Air Europa.
If you are flexible regarding the departure/return dates, you can save some money on airfare (and that’s why it’s advisable to book the flights first and then arrange the accommodation details).
Note: please remember that prices do change from day to day so use the price information only as a guideline.
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