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Getting from Madrid to Lisbon – your options between the two capitals

planeVisiting both Spain and Portugal in one trip is a popular option amongst travelers. Madrid and Lisbon are on many traveler’s to-do-lists and thankfully it’s very easy (and quite cheap) to get from one capital to another. For those with a tight schedule, traveling directly from Madrid to Lisbon would be the best way to save time.
If the vacation is planned ahead, flying is the cheapest way to get between Madrid and Lisbon but if you decide to travel on the spur of the moment, you might want to choose the bus or rent a car.
Otherwise, for those with time to spare, traveling slowly and stopping at different towns and cities is an enjoyable way to experience both countries. Besides traveling direct from Madrid to Lisbon, there are other ways to get from Spain to Portugal.

By plane

Both capitals are served by airports and there are plenty of carriers offering flights between Madrid and Lisbon. Madrid’s airport is easily accessible by either bus or metro, while Lisbon’s airport is located very close to the city (just 4 miles from the city) so getting from the airport to the hotel is an easy task.
>> How to get from Madrid Barajas Airport to downtown Madrid
>> How to get from Lisbon Airport to downtown Lisbon
The best part is that several budget airlines fly from Madrid to Lisbon and viceversa. The flight takes 1h 10 min – 1 h 20 min. There are numerous flights per day (2 offered by EasyJet). Prices vary according the carrier, class, when you are flying and when you are booking. If you want to choose the low-cost carrier and book the flight about 6 weeks in advance, expect to pay as low as €35.48 per person, one way, including all taxes. The RT flight can be as cheap as €66.97 per person, including all taxes.
Other companies serving the two cities include TAP Portugal, Iberia and Vueling Airlines . Prices can be as low as €51 per person, RT, including taxes for an economy class ticket but it does depend on whether you are willing to travel on early morning flights or not.
Start searching for flights from Madrid to Lisbon here:

By train

There’s a night train connecting Madrid to Lisbon. The train departs from Chamartin train station at 10:25 p.m. and arrives in Lisbon Estacion Oriente at 7:30 a.m. (Lisbon time). It also stops at Lisbon Santa Apolonia station 11 minutes later. So it takes about 10 hours to travel by train between Madrid and Lisbon. The train is available year round.
The ticket price ranges between €73 and €191 per person, one way, depending on the type of seat and class. You can usually find cheaper airfares than train tickets.
>>the Madrid-Lisbon train schedule can be found here

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By bus

Avanza Bus runs a service between the two capitals. There are two departures daily: one at 12:00 p.m. and one at 9 p.m. The journey takes about 8 h 30 min. The ticket price is €50.70 per person, one way. Discounts are available for seniors and children under 12.
Note: make sure to look for “Lisboa” in the drop down list .

By car

Renting a car is a good idea if you prefer to have freedom and want to travel by road. The driving distance between Madrid and Lisbon is 629 km and the journey takes about 6 h 20 min.
You’ll be taking A-42, exit on M-40 ring road, then drive on A-5, A-6, A-2 and IP7. The last 4 roads are toll roads.
Here’s a map to help with the directions:
View Larger Map

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