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As the most famous party island in Spain, Ibiza attracts partying a ridiculous amount of tourists every summer. From June to September, this small Spanish island is home to the world’s famous DJs and the best parties ever. It rightfully deserves its reputation as a party town, since massive foam parties and the country’s biggest dance parties take place here. But few know about its charming villages and charismatic countryside – dig a little deeper and you’ll find a genuine side to the island, beyond the parties and discos.


Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. It belongs to Spain.

Did you know? The official name of the island is Eivissa and the official language is Catalan.

How to get to Ibiza

Starting from May, many international flights connect the island to most of the European cities.

Ferries and boats link the island with major Spanish cities, such as Barcelona and Valencia.

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Ibiza has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers, although not as hot as in Palma de Mallorca. The summer season starts in June and through September temperatures average between 27.C/81.7 F and 30.4 C/ 86.7 F. The summers are characterized by lots of sunshine and very little rain.

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What to

Ibiza is notorious for its nightlife. The clubs are centered in two areas: Ibiza Town and San Antoni.

Among the most popular nightclubs we can list:

  • Privilege: world’s largest nightclub
  • Eden: busiest club in San Antoni
  • Es Paradis: famous for its water parties
  • Amnesia: famous for the foam parties
  • Space: the place to go for an after party
  • DC10: located in a former aircraft hangar
  • Pacha: is one of the most famous and modern nightclubs

The season begins in June, with the opening parties at Space and DC10, and ends in October with the famous Closing Parties.

During the day, most tourists are either soaking in the sun on one of the beaches or sleeping off the past night’s partying and drinking. The island comes to life around 7 PM and goes to sleep with the first rays of light the next morning.

Famous DJs perform in notorious clubs on a weekly schedule. Many use Ibiza to present their newest house and trance songs.

During the busy summer months, every bar advertises its “special drinks”. They are a very good way to save some money as Ibiza is very expensive. Plan to pay about €30-50 just to enter a club and about €10 for a drink. You shouldn’t be surprised that a night out will cost several hundred euros.

Equally famous are the cafes where tourists like to watch the beautiful sun sets and listen to good music. Over the years, places such as Café Mambo and Coastline have become important venues for pre-parties after sun set.

Very popular are the bars/cafes where you can just hang around and listen to chill-out/ambient music. Such a place is Cafe del Mar, located in San Antoni. You also get to see the best sunsets in Ibiza if you hang out here.

Although when people hear the island’s name they think only of all the partying going on here, Ibiza is also known for its natural beauty and the monument (The Egg) erected in honor of Christopher Columbus.

But don’t expect the island to be crowded any other time than summer as only one club (Pacha) is open all year round.