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Things to do in Mallorca

Blessed with year-round sunshine and out-of-this-world beaches, Mallorca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. The largest of the Balearic IslandsMallorca is a treasure trove of turquoise beaches, pristine bays and world-class resorts. In contrast to its neighboring island, Ibiza, Mallorca is much more relaxed and calm, offering an escapade for those seeking tranquility. Located close to Spain’s northeastern coastline, Costa Brava, the Balearic Islands are an easy hop and jump from Barcelona and other major Spanish cities. The capital of Mallorca – Palma de Mallorca – is best known for the labyrinth of historical alleys, monumental churches and luxurious (and expensive) Spanish resorts.
Unknown to many, Mallorca is more than just beaches and resorts – it has a plethora of activities on offer: from outdoor sports to leisure hikes to museum visits and vibrant nightlife. If you’re thinking of spending a weekend in Mallorca or booking yourself on a vacation package to Spain, these are some quintessential things to do in Mallorca.

Lounge on the Pristine Beaches

Mallorca is home to some of the best beaches in Spain – miles of golden brown sand, transparent clear waters and vibrant beach culture. There are both popular crowded beaches –such as Es Trenc– but also secluded beaches, like the Formentera Beach located way off the beaten track and accessible only through winding mountain roads. Once here, it’s easy to see why the beaches in Mallorca are some of the best in the country. This naturally means that you can find a host of water-based activities on offer on the island of Mallorca: from snorkelling to scuba diving to sailing, windsurfing and boating – there are endless choices.

Hiking in the Mountains

The wonderful mountains Serra de Tramuntana offer fantastic scenery and lovely hiking trails. Take a few days off your beach-bumming schedule to take a hike in nature. Thanks to the pleasant, sunny weather, there is no need to bring professional gear or rainwear. The hikes are also generally easy and suitable for leisure walkers and outdoor lovers. The northeastern tip of the island – the area around Cape Formentera – is especially appropriate for advanced hikers who are looking for a challenge and unparalleled beauty.

Explore the Island by Bike

Cycling is extremely popular on the island, while renting a car is the best way to explore the entire island. Sign up for a biking tour or simply rent the bicycles from your hotel in Mallorca for a one-day biking experience. There are several car rental packages that allows you to pick up the car at the airport upon arrival and drop it off at the same spot when leaving. You can get good bargains for a one-week rental.

Visit the City and Towns

Just like any parts of continental Spain, there are plenty of gorgeous, quaint villages rich in culture and traditions. Mallorca is no exception: towns like Fornalutx, Soller, Capdepera and Arta have an artistic flair, characterized by narrow, stone alleyways and pink bougainvilleas, backdropped by the turquoise sea. The island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, is studded with plenty of historical monuments, including the seafront Cathedral. Walking is the best way to explore the city, as it is relatively small and compact.