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tour busTours in Spain represent a very straight-forward and cost effective way to visit the country without having to go through the trouble of planning the trip on your own. There is plenty to do in every major Spanish city and region, but if you have a well-organized tour booked, you will be able to fit all the highlights of Spain in one trip and experience the country at its best.

For those travelers who are looking to delve a little deeper into a certain aspect of travel in Spain, tours will be a good option for you. Adventure seekers might like to look into adventure tours (see below for full list) that are especially designed to cater to your needs. Honeymooners might like to opt for a Spain vacation package to relax and unwind. Food-lovers can also sign up for culinary tours in Spain that will bring you through the olive groves, tapas bars and wineries of Spain. Whatever your interest is, there is no shortage of tours in Spain for the curious traveler. To break down the various types of tours you can take, these are some suggestions:

Day trips

Most major Spanish cities are linked to other interesting cities or UNESCO sites that are easily accessible on a day trip. Day trips are best suited to those who are short on time and would prefer to be based in a major city. Many day trips are best purchased in-country on arrival, when you know how much extra time you’ll have and you can usually find a better deal than if you pre-book. Learn more about my recommended day trips from Barcelona and day trips from Madrid.

City Tours

Some of the most popular tours are the Madrid and Barcelona city tours by bus. These sightseeing buses allow you to get a general overview of the city on a leisurely pace. You can always hop on and off at any bus stop, so you can easily visit the museums in Barcelona on these trips.

For a different perspective of the city, you can choose a walking tour of Barcelona which comprises the Gothic Quarter (Old City). The tour lasts for about 2 hours and costs little over €10 per person. But if you’re interested in getting out and about and seeing the city in a different way, you might like to read more about biking tours in Madrid and bike tours in Barcelona.

Culinary Tours

For the food lovers, you can choose from several custom-tailored culinary tours in Spain.These are usually all-encompassing programs that cover your entire trip through Spain. Alternatively, if you’ll like to plan your own culinary tour, there are several gastronomic tours you can take in each city. In Barcelona, you can sign up for the La Boqueria Market food and walking tour to sample the best local foods in the market and learn more about local culinary practices. These tours cost little over €15 per person. Madrid is best known for its traditional tapas and wine, so what better way to take in the city’s gastronomy by signing up for a tapas and wine tours in Madrid?

Adventure tours

Spain might not come across as an adventure-filled destination, but you’ll be surprised to find a myriad of adventurous activities you can engage in when visiting the country. With such diversity and proximity to exotic locations, Spain is bursting with plenty of boundary-pushing activities. Here are our recommended top five adventure tours in Spain that can get your blood rushing.

Top 5 adventure tours in Spain

  1. Moorish Spain:  15 days from Madrid to Barcelona – from $2430: Starting in Madrid, let your imagination unfold on a journey through the beautiful Andalucian region, visiting the people and cities that reflect Spain’s diverse history and culture. Experience the bewitching duende of a fiery flamenco performance and explore the mysterious maze of alleyways of the old Arab quarter in Albayzin. Follow your tastebuds to a tapas bar and wander among Gaudi’s handiwork in Barcelona. From perusing 900-year-old artworks to taking a day trip to north Africa, this Spanish adventure is as colourful and diverse as the land itself.
  2. Madrid to Marrakech: 15 days from Madrid to Marrakech – from $2350: Enjoy a first-hand experience of Spanish, Portuguese and Moroccan lifestyles. Travelling from Madrid to Marrakech, immerse yourself in the history of each destination, exploring ancient cultures through art, design, language and religion, meeting charismatic locals along the way. From fine cuisine to awesome shopping and breathtaking sites, this adventure has been designed to pique your curiosity, and allow you to discover the mysteries concealed within each region. Experience a collision of old and new, European and African, and be dazzled by the vibrancy of this corner of the world.
  3. France & Spain: 29 days from Paris to Barcelona – from $4755: Join this adventure from romantic Paris to cosmopolitan Barcelona and be captivated by the culture and history of France and Spain. Visit castles, cycle along a river in Tours and hike in the majestic mountains of the Pyrenees. Peruse paintings and marvel at an illustrious Moorish past in Spanish byways and boulevards before partying the night away. This trip will make sure you come away with the best memories of two of Europe’s most-visited countries.
  4. Spain and Portugal Highlights: 11 days from Lisbon to Barcelona from $1899: Explore the two fascinating countries that make up the Iberian Peninsula. Whether you are enjoying scenic countryside views, superb beaches or colourful and diverse cities, there’s something for everyone on this exciting adventure through Spain and Portugal.
  5. Spain and Portugal Sampler: 12 days from Barcelona to Lisbon from $1999: The Iberian Peninsula is home to two of Europe’s most beautiful and fascinating countries. Enjoy Spain’s bustling cities, stunning countryside and beautiful National Parks while Portugal’s relaxed atmosphere, interesting culture and glorious coastline will enchant you.

Some travel agencies offer tours combining visits to sights in several countries, such as Spain and Portugal or Spain with a side-trip to France.