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Getting from Seville to Algarve

Thanks to the easy access between the two countries, combining Spain and Portugal in one trip is a popular option amongst travelers. Located on the bottom end of Portugal, Algarve is just across the border from Sevillemaking it easy to hop from one country to another. Although Huelva is closer to the Portugese border, Seville is a bigger city popular among tourists, thus making an excellent base for tourists to travel between the two countries.
Algarve is a gorgeous region in Southern Portugal consisting of various coastal towns (such as Faro, Lagos and Portimão), top-quality resorts and stunning beachside cliffs. For those with a tight schedule but want to add Portugal to your Spain trip, traveling from Seville to Algarve would be a great option due to their close proximity.
The cheapest way to from Seville to any town in Algarve is by bus – they are fast, punctual and easy to take. The bus routes serve most of the major towns along the coast and make for a scenic ride.
Otherwise, if you’ve got time to spare, take your time to slowly explore other parts of Portugal as well to get a good sense of the country. Besides traveling direct from Seville to Algarve, there are many other ways to get from Spain to Portugal.
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There are no flights nor trains from Seville to Algarve due to the short distance. The main airport of Algarve is in Faro and many budget airlines fly there from the UK and Madrid.

By bus

Buses are the best way to get from Seville to Algarve, stopping at Faro, Lagos, Abufeira and Portimao. Two main bus companies run the route. Eva Bus, the Portugese bus company, has two departues a day – one at 7.30am and another at 4.15pm.Tickets cost 16euros each way to get from Seville to Faro. Return tickets are 27.20euros. The journey takes around 2 hours. The other bus company is Dama from Spain, departing at the same time. One-way tickets are 20euros and buses leave from Plaza de Armas station in Seville.
Note: make sure to look for “Lisboa” in the drop down list .

By car

Renting a car is one of the best ways to get from Seville to Algarve if you prefer to have freedom and want to explore at your own pace. It’s a great weekend getaway. The driving distance between Seville and Lisbon is 200 km and the journey takes about 2hours.
You’ll be taking A-49 and A-2. Both are toll roads.
Here’s a map to help with the directions:

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