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Getting from Salamanca to Oporto, Portugal

File:Ribeira Porto2.jpgThanks to the easy access between the two countries, combining Spain and Portugal in one trip is a popular option amongst travelers. Located on the northwestern part of Portugal, Oporto (also known as Porto) is Portugal’s second largest city and is most famous as a major producer of port wine. As a popular tourist destination, Oporto offers tons of interesting sights and attractions for travelers. Although it is located on the western coast of Portugal, it is still relatively near to the Spanish border, with Salamanca just a hop away.
Most people make a point to visit Lisbon, Oporto and Algarve when visiting Portugal. There are many ways to get from Spain to Portugal and vice versa, among which the route from Salamanca to Oporto is easy and convenient. Besides traveling direct from Salamanca to Oporto, there are many other ways to get from Spain to Portugal.
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By plane

Flights from Salamanca to Oporto are extremely expensive (prices up to 600euros) – there are no direct flights and usually involve at least one stopover. Your best bet would be to first take a bus to Madrid from Salamanca and then catch a flight. TAP Portugal and Spanair fly from Madrid to Oporto. Flights from Madrid to Oporto take approximately one hour.
Start searching for flights from Salamanca to Oporto here:

By bus

The cheapest way to get from Salamanca to Oporto is by bus – they are fast, punctual and easy to take. The bus routes serve most of the major towns along the coast and make for a scenic ride. The main bus company that runs the route is ALSA. The journey takes between five and seven hours and costs about 35 euros. To cut cost, you might like to take an overnight bus.

By car

Renting a car is one of the best ways to get from Salamanca to Oporto if you prefer to have freedom and want to explore at your own pace. The experience of crossing from one country to another by car and seeing the landscapes change is priceless. The driving distance between Salamanca and Oporto is 350 km and the journey takes about 3 hours 30 minutes.
You’ll be taking A-425 and A-62. Both are toll roads.
Here’s a map to help with the directions:
Ver mapa más grande


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