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Things to Do in Spain

Pamplona bull runSpain is a country packed with rich culture, outrageous food and stunning natural landscapes. For the first-time visitor, it is an excellent destination to spend your vacation. Spain offers the kind of diversity few other countries have – stretching from miles of sun-drenched beaches to tumultous mountains and vibrant urban metropolis. You can choose to explore the museums, soak on the sun, go shopping, watch a bullfight or even run with the bulls, play golf, watch a flamenco show (or even learn to dance) and many more.

Museums in Spain

Art museums and galleries, history museums, naval museums, the only wine culture museum in the world, art displayed in a forest – the myriad of museums you can visit in Spain is boundless. Each city has at least one important museum which should not be missed. For culture vultures, you’ll definitely be able to satiate your craving for Spanish history and culture.

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Beaches in Spain

Probably the best well know vacation spots in Spain are Costa del Sol and Costa Brava, along with the Canary Islands and Ibiza – there are lots of beaches for a lot of tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer the crowded beaches on Costa del Sol or the secluded beaches on the Canary Islands, Spain has them all.

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Shopping in Spain

From exclusive modern boutiques to traditional Spanish cultural stores, there are plenty of shopping opportunities in Spain. Whether you prefer to do that in a traditional store, a market or even a large store, you will find plenty of nice things to buy and mingle with the locals. Plus, there are two sales seasons every year, so chances are you will come home with really nice stuff and save money.

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Football in Spain

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a soccer fan or not…chances are you have heard of one of the two major Spanish soccer teams: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. So why not spend a holiday than going to some of the matches and watch the Champions League soccer teams fight for supremacy? Be prepared for a noisy and colorful celebration on the streets if the Spanish team wins!

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Running with the bulls

Spain is most famous for its controversial bullfights and Pamplona’s San Fermin: Running of the Bulls festival. The Pamplona bull run takes place every morning at 8 AM from July 7th to 14th every year. The run starts at the corral at Santo Domingo and ends at the bullring. The average length of the run is 825 meters / 2700 ft and takes about 3 minutes to complete.

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Tours in Spain

Probably the perfect way to comprise a lot of sights in a cost effective (and time effective) way is the tour. A lot of travel agencies offer tours for any budget and taste. You can take walking or biking tours of Madrid or a tapas and wine tour, culinary tours, city tours and many more. Find the one that suits your plans and have fun!

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