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Cheap Flights to Spain

Spain is a major tourist destination and a vast country comprising the Spanish mainland and the islands. Considering that, it’s quite impossible to really get to know Spain in only one visit. So that means, you really need to take several trips to Spain hence more air travel.

While airfare to Spain is not particularly expensive if you come from a European country, it can get rather costly if you depart from US. But with a little research you will be able to save money on your flights to Spain.

Prices depend a lot on several factors, including airline, season, whether it’s direct flight or not, when you book the flight compared to the flight’s date. A really good idea is to start looking for flights about 6 months prior to your vacation.

Tips for finding cheap airfare to Spain:

  • Find out which airlines use Spanish airports as a hub. If an airline has frequent flights to and from a certain airport, there will be more offers and special deals available. For example, Air Europa is one of the major Spanish airlines and has hubs at all major airports.>>more information on Spain Airports
  • If possible, schedule your flight in midweek. While the weekends are busy because of the limited vacations most travelers get, Mondays are busy as they are preferred by business travelers, which means airlines don’t need to worry about the seats on the planes filling up. Scheduling your flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday could save some money on your ticket to Spain.
  • Try to visit Spain during the low season. If you are an employee chances are you can get days off during spring or fall much easier than during summer, when everyone wants a vacation at the same time. Everything has low prices during the low seasons. Check out Tourism in Spain for more information on high/low seasons.
  • Don’t plan to fly directly. Fly into a different city and then take a domestic connection flight. If you come from Europe you can choose pretty much any of the major airports, while if you come from US, you will be limited to several airports.

Cheap Flights in Spain, listed according to major cities:

Low-cost Airlines in Europe

Flights from Spain to other European countries are affordable and easily available online. Low-cost airlines operate regular flights between major Spanish cities and the rest of Europe. Vueling is a Spanish budget airline that flies from numerous Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada and Alicante to popular destinations in the region.

Other low-cost airlines include Easyjet, Ryanair, WizzAir, AirComet and BMIBaby. Airfares depend largely on travel dates,  season and place of departure. Here are some tips for finding low-cost airfares from Spain to other parts of Europe:

  • Try to book your flights at least 2 months in advance to get the best deal. Airfares tend to rise as you get closer to the date of departure.
  • Look out for airfare sale – budget airlines tend to have promotion on a quarterly basis.
  • Avoid flying on weekends and public holidays, airfares tend to be much higher on Fridays and Sundays.
  • Fly into a different city. Ryanair flies to Girona Airport instead of Barcelona (1hour away); you can easily catch a bus from one airport to the next.
  • Flying from one Spanish city to the next often costs less than taking a train, but be sure to get your tickets early as they get sold out rather quickly.

Budget Airlines that Fly to Spain, listed according to major cities:

Start searching for cheap flights to Spain here:

Once you are in Spain, don’t forget to check out information on sights and attractions on our Spain travel guide.

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